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!!! New Ministerial Direction 110- Changes to student Visas and Temporary Visa Holders !!!

New changes to Student Visas and Temporary Visa holders commenced on 1 July 2024 which discourages ‘Visa-Hopping.’

What this will mean for you:


From June 2023 to May 2024, over 36,000 applications have utilized the popular method of coming into Australia with a Visitor Visa and switching to a Student Visa once they are onshore. This has allowed applicants to bypass the Australian Governments offshore Student Visa Integrity Measures.

Under these changes to Australia’s migration policy, Visitor Visa Holders can no longer apply for Student Visas whilst onshore in Australia. New measures such as ‘no further stay’ conditions on Visitor Visas and the requirement of credible academic progression to switch Visas will also be enforced.


There are also extensive changes to Temporary Graduate Visa Holders. They will no longer be able to apply for Student Visas. 32% of temporary Graduate Visa Holders were reported to extend their stay in Australia by further study. The focus on these Visa Holders will now be on securing employment as well as a pathway to full residency or leaving Australia at the expiration of their Visa.

In effect, this aims to prevent the transition from student visa to the 485 Graduate Visa then back to student visa.

Other changes include:

·         Reduction of post-study work rights

·         Age Limit Reduction for applicants being lowered from 50 to 35

·         A higher level of English proficiency needed


These changes are effective as of 1 July 2024.

To understand how this will impact you, call us on: +61 3 94163463 or email:


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