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There are few flights into Australia at this time with limited numbers and travel restrictions imposed.

Unless arriving from a country included in our “Travel Bubble” which at this time includes New Zealand with Australian Government discussions to looking to include Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan, 14 day quarantine applies to arrivals to Australia to be conducted at a designated facility.

In addition you cannot come to Australia unless you are in an exempt category or you have been granted an individual exemption to the current travel restrictions. Most travel exemption requests to come to Australia are finalised within 7 days, but some complex requests may take longer. If you are not in an exempt category you can request an individual exemption to Australia's travel.

Exempt categories:

You are automatically exempt from the travel restrictions and can enter Australia (without obtaining an individual exemption) if you are:

If you hold a temporary visa or do not yet hold a valid visa for Australia, you must provide proof of your relationship

(such as your marriage certificate, evidence of your de-facto relationship such as statutory declaration, shared finances or property, your birth certificate or birth certificate for your children) before you travel to Australia.

Individual exemptions

The Commissioner of the Australian Border Force and decision makers may grant you an individual exemption if you are:

  • a foreign national travelling at the invitation of the Australian Government or a state or territory government authority for the purpose of assisting in the COVID-19 response

  • a foreign national whose entry into Australia would be in the national interest, supported by the Australian Government or a state or territory government authority

  • providing critical or specialist medical services, including air ambulance, medical evacuations and delivering critical medical supplies

  • a foreign national withcritical skills or working in a critical sector in Australia

  • a foreign national sponsored by your employer to work in Australia in an occupation on the “Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL)

  • military personnel, including those who form part of the Status of Forces Agreement, Commonwealth Armed Forces, Asia Pacific Forces and Status of Armed Forces Agreement

  • a person who resides on a vessel that seeks safe port at the closest appointed port for re provisioning or safety reasons for a limited duration, supported by the relevant State or Territory government where safe haven is sought

  • a student completing year 11 and 12, with support from the relevant Australian State or Territory government health authority and education department

  • a student in your final years of study of a medical, dental, nursing or allied health profession university degree, where you have evidence of a confirmed placement in an Australian hospital or medical practice which commences within the next two months

  • travelling for compassionate and compelling reasons.

You must hold a visa and an exemption to Australia’s travel restrictions before you travel.

You should apply for an exemption at least two weeks, but not more than two months, before your planned travel unless you can show compassionate and compelling reasons to apply outside this time frame.

Your request must include:

  • traveller details: name, date of birth, visa type and number, passport number

  • proposed residential address and phone number in Australia

  • your reasons for coming: why you should be granted an exemption

  • a supporting statement: setting out how you meet one of the grounds for an exemption

  • accompanying evidence.

Compassionate and compelling reasons to travel

The Commissioner of the Australian Border Force may grant you an exemption if you are seeking to travel for compassionate and compelling reasons which may include but are not limited to, needing to travel due to the death or critical illness of a close family member.

To complete a travel exemption request you should hold a visa, or have applied for a visa, and provide information and documents to support your request which may include the following:

  • proof of identity

  • evidence that you hold a valid visa

  • travel itinerary

  • marriage, birth, death certificate/s

  • proof of relationship or residence (such as a shared tenancy agreement, joint bank account etc.)

  • letter from a doctor or hospital, indicating why travel is necessary

  • letter from an employer indicating why travel is necessary

  • supporting letter from a business or government agency, advising why your skills are critical

  • statutory declaration to support your claims.

NOTE!!! Obtaining a travel exemption does not guarantee you will be able to get a flight to Australia at this time. This will depend on flight availability and entry quota numbers with thousands of applicants still waiting on re entry.

IF YOU WANT TO ENSURE BEING HOME IN AUSTRALIA IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS It is important to apply for re entry with a well prepared and comprehensive Travel Exemption to afford you the best chance of a priority place in the queue.

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