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The Australian Government has announced substantial changes to bolster the Australian Tourism and Hospitality Sectors, in response to labour market demand.

The Government will remove the existing 20 hour work limitation that applies to all student visa holders, whilst their course is "in session" if they are working in the tourism or hospitality sectors. It is important to note that this does not discharge the other visa condition obligations that a student visa holder is required to meet, eg. maintaining course attendance and satisfactory course progression.

In addition, the 408 (COVID-19 Pandemic event) Visa will now include tourism and hospitality to the list of "critical sectors" for the purposes of the visa. This means that onshore temporary visa holders whose Visa is due to expire within the next 90 days and have employment or an offer of employment in the tourism or hospitality sector will be able to apply for a 408 Visa to allow them to stay in Australia for up to a further 12 months. Other requirements apply.

The changes been made to help assist with the Australian post COVID-19 economic response. The government have also added the occupation of Veterinarian to the PMSOL list.

If you need assistance with understanding this new framework or whether you may be eligible for a 408 Visa please do not hesitate to contact our office.


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