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Simplified labour market testing (LMT) for Work sponsored Visas

From the 11 December 2023 there is no longer a requirement for employers to Labour Market Test (LMT) on the Workforce Australia cite for subclass 482 and 949 Visas.

LMT requires advertising the position to the Australian workforce before opening the position up to overseas workers. It could only be opened to overseas workers if there are no suitable applicants in the Australian market. Due to these changes, it is no longer a requirement to advertise on the Workforce Australia site.

For most nominations, the position must have been advertised for at least four weeks within the four-month period immediately prior to lodging the nomination application.

These changes allow for greater flexibility in applying for work sponsored visas as employers are now only required to post two valid advertisements on acceptable job sites, such as on Seek and Indeed instead of three, the third being Workforce Australia.


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